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  • Starting September 2018
  • Tuesdays from 6:30pm – 7:30pm
  • 1st Grade – 6th Grade
  • $109 for the entire season  *99 if you already have the PCC t-shirt
  • (September 11-November 13)
  • music& folder
    • membership (fees for director, guest clinician, and accompanist)
    • performance and performance venue *there will be no charge for the performances
    • Kids learn how to sing, perform fun music, make life long friends during weekly rehearsals in a group music setting.
    • Music is for everyone. All are welcome here and there are no auditions.
    • Performance Sunday, November 18, 2018

What will my child learn?


  • Musicians evaluate and refine their work through openness to new ideas, persistence, and the application of appropriate criteria.
  • Musicians’ presentation of creative work is the culmination of a process of creation and communication.
  • Performers’ interest in and knowledge of musical works, understanding of their own technical skill, and the context for a performance influence the selection of repertoire.
  • Analyzing creators’ context and how they manipulate elements of music provides insight into their intent and informs performance.
  • Performers make interpretive decisions based on their understanding of context and expressive intent.
  • To express their musical ideas, musicians analyze, evaluate, and refine their performance over time through openness to new ideas, persistence, and the application of appropriate criteria.
  • Musicians judge performance based on criteria that vary across time, place, and cultures. The context and how a work is presented influence the audience response.
  • Individuals’ selection of musical works is influenced by their interests, experiences, understandings, and purposes
  • Response to music is informed by analyzing context (social cultural, and historical) and how creators and performers manipulate the elements of music.
  • Through their use of elements and structures of music, creators and performers provide clues to their expressive intent.The personal evaluation of musical work(s) and performance(s) is informed by analysis, interpretation, and established criteria.
  • Musicians connect their personal interests, experiences, ideas, and knowledge to creating, performing, and responding.
  • Understanding connections to varied contexts and daily life enhances musicians’ creating, performing, and responding.
  • source NAfME

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Rehearsal Audio Files

Part One Brand New

Part Two Brand New

Full Run The Moon

Choreography Review